The Boot Premieres "Gunmaker"


Americana singer-songwriter Cashavelly Morrison will be releasing a new album in early November, and she's giving The Boot's readers an exclusive first listen to one of its tracks. Press play below to hear the heavy new song "Gunmaker."

"Gunmaker" is a haunting, timely track that finds Morrison imagining the internal struggle of the song's titular craftsman. The gunmaker earns a living that allows him to care for his daughter -- and yet, it also puts her and other children at risk: "Any man could do her in, right or wrong," Morrison's character reflects, and "lately, I can't look her in the face."

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Glide Magazine Premieres HUNGER Music Video

“Today Glide is excited to premiere the song’s music video. The high and lonesome twang of the tune is visualized by a dark road and shadowy choreography that seems to dramatize some sort of violent act. With a haunting voice and a sound that brings to mind the gothic Americana of acts like the Handsome Family, Morrison uses the lyrics to paint an ominous portrait.”


Cashavelly Morrison Awarded Regional Artist Grant

“We are especially pleased with the variety of artistic projects that these artists will be working on this year,” said Dara Silver, Grant Program Manager for The Arts Council. “These awards are a way The Arts Council invests in our local creative entrepreneurs by helping them move forward a project so that they can leverage additional opportunities and commissions.”

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Yes! Weekly: Winston-Salem Singer/Songwriter Tells Stories that Resonate in the Political Moment

"Cashavelly Morrison has led three separate artistic lives. She started out as a dancer, studied ballet from the time she was a child, spent years at the North Carolina School of the Arts and moved on to several regional ballet companies in Texas and Virginia. Morrison, 36, also earned an advanced degree in creative writing, drawing on her childhood in West Virginia to craft historical fiction set in coal-mining towns in the 1920s. Her main creative focus these days is as a singer/songwriter, but she draws on insights from both dance and fiction-writing to inform her music-making. Taking the idea of a deep, bodily connection to the music from dance while using elements of history, character and narrative that are central to creative writing, Morrison’s songs are built on visceral stories.

Morrison and her collaborator (and husband), the guitarist Ryan Macleod, along with their four-piece band, play a March 24 show at Winston-Salem’s Muddy Creek Music Hall, at which they’ll debut a batch of new material. The songs will be featured on a forthcoming album that Morrison and Macleod are in the process of finishing up and preparing to shop around to labels.

“This show is kind of a sneak peek of the album,” Morrison said. “Most of the songs I don’t really think have been heard by anybody.”

These songs are different from the material that Morrison released on her haunting Americana-tinged 2015 album The Kingdom Belongs To A Child. “It’s louder, it’s more bold,” said Morrison of the difference between the forthcoming record and her debut.

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We're done recording!

Over 5 separate sessions that spanned December 2016 through October 2017, we recorded our second record. A huge thank you to Evan Bradford and John Plymale for engineering, their expertise, and encouragement. A special thank you to Katrina Pfitzner for her vocal coaching, and John Teer, Matt Smith, Dan Faust, and Zack Page for adding such beautiful instrumentation to these songs. We're so excited. Now to mixing, mastering, world peace...Onward! 

OverdubVocals .jpeg

We've been working on two babies all along...

Introducing our baby girl, whom we waited years to hold. We are so grateful this beautiful soul has joined our family. She is the sweetest angel and, thankfully, mostly sleeping through the night most nights already, so we've been able to muster the energy to turn toward our other baby--our second album--in the evenings when she's asleep. We are heading back into the studio next month to complete some finishing touches before the mixing and mastering process. Onward! 

The Bluegrass Situation Premieres "Iodine" Music Video

A big thank you to The Bluegrass Situation for premiering our new music video, "Iodine", directed by filmmaker S. Cagney Gentry, featuring dancer Dominica Greene. Follow link. 

From the article: 

"I wrote the song 'Iodine' after Michael Brown was shot. Sitting at home with my own son, safely witnessing these events from afar, I felt that remaining silent made me complicit in his death. Holding my son tightly, while thinking of the loss his mother was experiencing, felt like an injustice in itself. I wrote the song to honor the strength of all mothers who lose their children to violence.

"For the music video, we asked dancer Dominica Greene to represent the deconstruction of the day-to-day motions for a mother who has lost a child. Filmmaker S. Cagney Gentry wanted to reflect her going through these rituals she had with her son, and the grief and loneliness left in his place. We all saw this as something to unify us. No matter the circumstances of who is to blame, who did wrong, or the politics we play into it, there is a mother who, for the rest of her life, must bear what her son might have been, day after day." -- Cashavelly Morrison

In the Recording Studio

Well, we did it! Our second album is in the works after 7 recording days at Echo Mountain Studio with sound engineer Evan Bradford. We had our little boy with us, who is our hero. Twelve hour days in a recording studio aren't easy for a little guy, but we had help from two wonderful babysitters, and we spoiled him with some fun goodies and treats. Thank you to Katrina Pfitzner, Luke Payne, Daniel Seriff, John Ray, and Aaron Bachelder for helping us get ready for this recording, and thank you to Evan, Daniel Faust, Zack Page, and Matthew Smith for bringing your best to this album. We are floored by your passion, and so excited about this record. Thank you for being a part of it.