Our 2019 Tiny Desk Contest Submission

It’s a habit of mine to watch Tiny Desk concerts weekly. It’s my favorite way to discover new artists and fall more in love with artists I already love. Every winner of the Tiny Desk contest has become one of my new favorite artists, but I most love watching as many entries of people just making music because they have to, and their vulnerability feels like magic. This year our submission feels like it transcended our original purpose of entering the contest. We are in love with the video Andy Tennille created, with the help of Brian Doub and Michael Schmid. It portrays exactly what we hoped and it speaks for itself. TuKool Tiff made this into a stunning testament of love and authentic power. Thank you, TuKool Tiff, Luke Payne, John Ray, Chaisary, Andy Tennille, Brian Doub, and Michael Schmid. You all and your voices make the world a better place.