Our Mountain Stage Performance will air May 3rd

Playing Mountain Stage was a dream come true. It was my homecoming show in West Virginia, with our families in attendance, and our greatest partners on stage with us, Luke Payne, John Ray, and Chaisaray. Larry Groce felt like a family member. Everyone who works at Mountain Stage is full of kindness, grace, and ease…we felt so at home. West Virginia will always be my home. Check with your local NPR stations to find out when the show will air. Our local station in Winston-Salem—WFDD—will premiere it Saturday, May 4th at 9pm, and then re-air it Sunday, May 5th at 9pm. Tune in! The podcast of the episode will be up on the Mountain Stage website on May 17th. Photos by Tim Kirchoff https://www.mountainstage.org/archives/Pages/default.aspx

2Cashavelly Morrison Mtn Stage 2019-0696.jpg
3Cashavelly Morrison Mtn Stage 2019-0709.jpg