Yes! Weekly: Winston-Salem Singer/Songwriter Tells Stories that Resonate in the Political Moment

"Cashavelly Morrison has led three separate artistic lives. She started out as a dancer, studied ballet from the time she was a child, spent years at the North Carolina School of the Arts and moved on to several regional ballet companies in Texas and Virginia. Morrison, 36, also earned an advanced degree in creative writing, drawing on her childhood in West Virginia to craft historical fiction set in coal-mining towns in the 1920s. Her main creative focus these days is as a singer/songwriter, but she draws on insights from both dance and fiction-writing to inform her music-making. Taking the idea of a deep, bodily connection to the music from dance while using elements of history, character and narrative that are central to creative writing, Morrison’s songs are built on visceral stories.

Morrison and her collaborator (and husband), the guitarist Ryan Macleod, along with their four-piece band, play a March 24 show at Winston-Salem’s Muddy Creek Music Hall, at which they’ll debut a batch of new material. The songs will be featured on a forthcoming album that Morrison and Macleod are in the process of finishing up and preparing to shop around to labels.

“This show is kind of a sneak peek of the album,” Morrison said. “Most of the songs I don’t really think have been heard by anybody.”

These songs are different from the material that Morrison released on her haunting Americana-tinged 2015 album The Kingdom Belongs To A Child. “It’s louder, it’s more bold,” said Morrison of the difference between the forthcoming record and her debut.

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